What Wooxie users are saying...
Wow, I've been lost for months and now here I am, found myself in wooxie again. So, many new and wonderful changes here. Love it!:)
Just joined this place i like it a lot more than that other site :P
Wow! This microblogging platform is very cool!
Twitter is down, move to Wooxie. Done and done!
I'm torn between two, Twitter and Wooxie,hahahaha lol
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Cool site! Getting use to it, but liking it so far :) Will be around more later.
Love all the new features Wooxie. Going to stop by more often.
@Typertist You rock.... interesting concept you have here...
Wooxie's article feature allows users to capture all revenue from Google Adsense ads http://url.wooxie.com/rf9qkk
hey, i am new here and i like this place a lot!!
its awesome
Thanks Jeff. Getting friends to come and sign up here
@JeffKnize Nice layout on the articles feature!
We are happy to be on wooxie - hopefully we'll have lots of followers.
@JeffKnize Hey Jeff, thought I'd come over and try out Wooxie. Looks pretty cool! How long has the site been up, and how many users are there?
Looking for my own social networking site that my teens aren't on. Just something for me! Smile!!!!
you will notice that Wooxie is so much better!! The community is still small for now...once the phone apps come up it will explode! says if your not on Wooxie your missing out! http://www.Wooxie.com/Suave