Wooxie Press Releases
NBC Chicago: Wooxie Holds Twitter's Tweets to the Fire
New Twitter competitor offers interest categories, photo hosting, and 155 characters. A Chi-based Web site with a Star Wars-esque name is gunning for micro-blogging behemouth Twitter. Wooxie, in an apparent bid to out-feature its super-popular predecessor, lets users create 155-character posts, as compared to Twitter's 140.
The Social Networking Site with New Monetized Blog Feature!
The Social Networking Site Wooxie now offers a free Blog feature for its users. The cool thing about the Wooxie Blog feature is this... Users get to keep 100% of the revenue pulled in from the ads on their blog!
Wooxie: The Future of Social Networking Sites and a Must Use Tool
Social networking sites may be a dime a dozen, but every so often one comes along that promises to really provide its users with great new benefits and functions. Wooxie has done just that, and it's the must use social networking site that's ready to break out and reach the big time.
Social Networking Gets Bite With Wooxie
Is it possible that Wooxie with a dog mascot to Twitters bird can be the future of social networking? While it's too soon to tell, one thing is for sure - popular usernames are going fast. Usernames like Business, SEO, are gone forever.
Wooxie Focuses the Social Networking Website Experience
Social networking is about the social side of things; most social networking sites focus on the network aspects. Wooxie understands that the reason why social networking sites succeed is because they allow their members to filter for things they're interested in from the tidal wave of data on the Internet.
Features of Wooxie Puts Other Online Social Networkings In Rear View Mirror
While the Internet has no shortage of online social networks today, new services are still emerging which provide unique and useful benefits that were not previously available. One such new service is the new social network Wooxie, which helps users manage both Facebook and Twitter accounts while earning additional revenue through Google Adsense.
Wooxie: 240-1440 Characters Macro & 155 Micro. It's Twitter & Woofer on Steroids
The Micro-Macroblogging social network Wooxie allows users to post short messages (up to 155 characters) and offers a GO Macro feature for 240-1440 character messages. This is a one of a kind feature to give options to users on the go and uncramp the users ready to rant, rave, post excerpts from books, etc.
New Social Network Wooxie Has Twitter Look and Feel with 155 Characters
CHICAGO, IL -- Founder and CEO Jeff Knize of WooxieŽ, A New Microblogging Social Network, announced a unique network that mandates users to follow by category and maxes those categories to 15.
Social Network Wooxie Releases Free Links Feature for Websites and Blogs
Wooxie continues to roll out features and this time has struck Gold with a One of a Kind link feature. Wooxie's business photo gallery allows its users to add keyword links in photo descriptions linking back to users websites or blogs.
New Social Network Wooxie uses New Speak Feature Directly in Posts
Wooxie now offers a new "Speak" feature to be used under posts. New speak feature gives users more options by not mandating reply functions. The speak feature opens and closes shut while displaying the number of speaks.
New Microblogging Social Network Wooxie gets a URL Shortener
As of today, Wooxie has released a new URL shortener. New Microblogging Social Network Wooxie has a custom URL shortener. This will make posts even more effective. Each day, Wooxie continues to layer on more components and special features.
Micro-Macroblogging Network Wooxie Offers One of A Kind Features for Users
"We are like the Little Train That Could" and it's fine with us. The amount of user accounts that Facebook and Twitter has is clear. We certainly do not mind being the underdog... and that is what we are right now.