About Wooxie
Wooxie is an alternative to all social networks! Check out some of our features...
  • Post directly to Facebook and Twitter from your Wooxie account.
  • Earn with articles that you add from your account to the Wooxie article directory.
  • Earn with your personal Wooxie blog on your user account.
  • Wooxie is a Free Micro-Blogging Social Network.
  • Wooxie allows users to GO Micro or GO Macro.
  • GO Micro and post messages up to 155 characters.
  • GO Macro and post messages from 240-1440 characters.
  • Wooxie reduces spam with category specific accounts.
  • Connect with friends, family and others from your categories.
  • Wooxie has a split photo gallery for business & pleasure.
  • Wooxie allows 10 keyword links back to your site or blog.
  • Wooxie allows you to feature your fans and your following.
  • Comment directly under users posts with emoticons.
  • Wooxie has a custom URL shortener to shorten long links.
  • Upload photo's directly from your computer to posts.